(WORLD NEWS) Woke Idiotic Netflix is Going Broke So It Lies About Why Nobody Watches It



Woke Idiotic, Politician-bribing, Netflix is Going Broke So It Lies About Why Nobody Watches It

  • Netflix should not have stolen it’s technology and business model from others
  • Netflix should not have decided to become a covert propaganda model
  • Netflix should not have buddied up with “social charities” that turned out to be SCAMS
  • Netflix should not have tried to indoctrinate employees and the public into the same weird sex that Netflix VC’s and bosses are into
  • Netflix executives should not have scammed MASSIVE INSIDER TRADING and STOCK MARKET scams (Ask Peter D Cair at THE FBI about that)
  • Netflix should not have been a scam from beginning to end
  • NETFLIX spent billions and billions of dollars to “PRODUCE CONTENT” and produced the biggest suite of SHITanybody has EVER seen on a screen. NETFLIX could have made five STAR WARS films for the amount of mony NETFLIX BLEW on the crappiest content in history! WHERE DID THE MONEY REALLY GO? A.) To Obama, B.) To Biden, C.) To pay the bills on their failed company, D.) To NETFLIX executives who STOLE THE MONEY…
News Netflix Fraud Movies Scams. A California man who scammed investors out of $14 million by falsely claiming that he was making a movie for Netflix has been sentenced to more than 8 years in …
Netflix bosses love underage sex and weird sex and so that is the content that they make and promote. Netflix bosses believe they can re-program America into being just as freaky, extremist and ANTIFA as they are. They were wrong. Netflix used itself as a conduit to payola big White House manipulation insiders. That also back-fired. Netflix deserves to die. There is nothing that Netflix does that hundreds of other streaming companies don’t already do! All those other companies do it better, for less money, with less underage sex normalization, with better content and much less covert propaganda!
Netflix stole it’s business model and technology from others that were doing it before Netflix. Netflix bullied it’s way into the market. Netflix should die because it does not deserve a place in the market and it is bad value for the money!

Streaming giant Netflix started in 1997 with one very simple and brilliant idea: offer people movies online instead of in stores.  SEE WHY NETFLIX IS A SCUMBAG COMPANY: TOXIC COMPANIES

Twenty five years later and we can see the results: video rental shops are almost all out of business and Netflix raked in $29.7 billion just last year alone.

However, the platform has one big problem: people don’t particularly want to pay for what it offers and they’d rather just share their passwords.

Furthermore, the woke content on Netflix has driven many other potential customers away from what they offer.

Netflix Loses 200,000 Subscribers (That we know about… it is actually many more…)

Netflix got some very bad news this week as it was revealed that it’s dropped 200,000 subscribers in this quarter. Shareholders didn’t react well, and Netflix’s stock (NFLX) went way down losing 25% on Tuesday alone.

For over ten years now, Netflix has reported nothing but good news to investors. A steady growth in people signing up that has helped it produce many programs, the vast majority about violent crime, twisted psychopaths, heavily-sexualized storylines or the occasional drama.

However the streaming service says that this huge drop in clients is because they are dealing with more rivals and because too many people are sharing passwords. They said they plan to get much stricter about stopping password sharing going forward.

Netflix’s leadership also blamed Russia’s war in Ukraine. It is true that Netflix lost a huge chunk of subscribers when the service ended all streaming in Russia and dropped 700,000 foreign customers.

They are also claiming that it has led to their company suffering due to the inflation it is making worse.

Netflix might not have noticed, but inflation has been sneaking up on this country for several years now, roughly coinciding with when a senile old man called Joe Biden took over the White House.



Disney and Spotify Also Tank

At the same time as Netflix got its bad news, Disney, Roku and Spotify also had declines in subscribers and saw their shares fall in value as well.



Part of the reason that Netflix shareholders reacted so negatively to losing 200,000 subscribers is that the board of the company predicts much darker days ahead.

They said that they expect over 2 million to be gone by next quarter. They said that the amount of money coming in has also “slowed considerably.” Referring to “headwinds,” Netflix said that too many people are trying to share passwords and find ways to steal its content .

There are 222 million families paying for a Netflix subscription, but Netflix believes there are 100 million more people globally who are using its services by borrowing someone else’s password such as a friend, family member or stranger they pay to use their password.


Netflix’s Worst Year

This is shaping up to be Netflix’s worst year. It says it will crack down on password sharing and add more features including possibly video games, but the company is in trouble if it can’t start turning this trend around.

NETFLIX Is Going Out Of Business For Trying To Tell The Public What NETFLIX Wants Them To Watch Instead Of Listening To The Public

Netflix shares fell 21.8% after the company quietly admitted in its fourth-quarter earnings that streaming competition that does not pander to wokism is eating into its growth. It marks Netflix’s worst day since July 25, 2012, when shares fell 25%. It’s also its worst week since July 27, 2012, when the stock fell about 28%.

The admission seemed to rock investors. Netflix executives have infamously pointed to things like sleep as potential competitors, claiming anything else users could be doing with their time is competition.

But even as the streaming wars heated up with Disney and even CNBC owner NBCUniversal entering the mix, Netflix leaders lied again about reality. Netflix is a propaganda outlet designed to tell viewers what they should think about anal sex, transgenders and BLM. The public isn’t buying the slop that Netflix is offering. Netflix bosses are mirrors, and financiers, of the Obama Administration. Thus, every word out of their mouths is designed to support a singular woke agenda.

“While this added competition may be affecting our marginal growth some, we continue to grow in every country and region in which these new streaming alternatives have launched,” the company said in its shareholder letter on Thursday.

The question of competition is even more crucial given Netflix increased prices just last week in the U.S. and Canada, raising its standard plan from $13.99 to $15.49 per month. With other alternatives available to consumers, higher prices could become a trickier gamble and a possible death-blow, by Netflix own executives. The price jump was pretty bad timing for Netflix.

KeyBanc Capital Markets analysts lowered their rating on the stock from overweight to Sector Weight following Thursday’s earnings release. They wrote in a note that among the reasons they are less confident in the outlook is that, despite an improved content slate, the company still experienced challenges to its gross additional subscribers. In other words: People are running away from Netflix.

Piper Sandler analysts, which maintained an overweight rating on the stock while cutting its target price from $705 to $562, wrote in a note Friday that it still “remains early days” for subscriber growth opportunity overall.


The Left Ruins Everything It Touches: After Alienating Conservatives, Paying the Obamas & Benghazi Liar Susan Rice Millions, NetFlix Loses Conservatives for the First Time Since 2011

The Left Ruins Everything It Touches: After Alienating Conservatives, Paying the Obamas & Benghazi Liar Susan Rice Millions, NetFlix Loses Conservatives for the First Time Since 2011 (pjmedia.com)

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I used to live in the bay area…I think it’s full of spies (politics)

All of Obama’s Corrupt People Are Getting Revolving Door Jobs At Netflix, INCLUDING OBAMA! People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service (businessinsider.com)


Call For Boycott of Netflix After Susan ‘Benghazi’ Rice Appointed to Board of Directors(thegatewaypundit.com)

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Facebook Gave Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix Unrestricted Access To User Data (news)



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Netflix, Spotify and a bank was allowed to read and delete users’ private messages

Facebook gave unrestricted access to users’ personal data to more than 150 companies including big names like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Yahoo, according to a New York Times report. The publication obtained over 270 pages of Facebook’s internal documents from 2017. It revealed how the social media giant considered these companies business partners and exempted them from its privacy rules.

The Times interviewed over 60 people, including “former employees of Facebook and its partners, former government officials and privacy advocates” to gather the information. The detailed report explains how Facebook gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read users’ private messages and let Amazon access usernames as well as contact information through friends.

In their defense, Netflix and Spotify have claimed that they were unaware of the special access. On the other hand, Facebook allowed Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, to collect the names of “virtually all Facebook users’ friends” without their consent. It also allowed Yahoo to access “streams of friends’ posts as recently as this summer.” The investigation found that Facebook made deals with over 150 companies include online retailers, media organizations, automakers, and entertainment sites. While Facebook has denied sharing data anymore, NYT found that some of these deals were still active.

In nutshell, Facebook gave a free pass to tech giants to dive in the massive data pool for profits. And this is just another episode of “Facebook and privacy scandals.” Even though Mark Zuckerberg promises that Facebook is trying to better safeguard users’ data and privacy, all of it has proven to be empty gestures.

Facebook let 1. Netflix and Spotify to read your private messages. 2. Bing search engine to see your name without consent 3. Amazon to have your personal info (nytimes.com)

Netflix uses show about Anne of Green Gables to promote homosexuality(lifesitenews.com)

Google, Facebook and Netflix Can’t Hire Blacks Because They Say They Are ‘Too Dumb‘…. REALLY!!!???

Google, Facebook and Netflix executives feel that Black people: “can’t code”, “have no work ethics”, “are lazy”, “have not suffered for as many decades as Asian people so they won’t work as cheap as all the Asians those companies have hired”, “have no creative skills”, “won’t follow the political programming as well as Asians do from all of their Communist indoctrination” and they are “shifty“. Google, Facebook and Netflix executives kind of feel the same way about women unless the women are hot and will sit at reception desks or work in the PR Office.

The largest concentration of Bay Area black people are right up the street in East Palo Alto. They tend to think that Google, Facebook and Netflix executives are racist elitist Stanford “pigs“!


For decades government studies have shown that Google, Facebook and Netflix hire almost no blacks unless they are they few that are placed in visible token positions. Every year the reports come out and every year the PR offices for those companies say that they agree that it is a shame and they will “do better…….”. They NEVER do better. They just lie, defer, delay and obfuscate.

The few blacks that have gotten into those companies have said that their embedded cultures were “sick perverted white-scapes”.

Google, Facebook and Netflix need to be nationalized and everyone in East Palo Alto needs to walk down the street and sit in their lobbies until that happens.


How Netflix Screwed The Pooch By Becoming A Racist, Extremist, Indian Out-Sourced, Radical Lesbian Hate-Fest

Netflix is having a no good, very bad summer, and the ambient glee is palpable. Many accuse Netflix of faking all of it’s statistics and pushing extremist Socialism.

The third season of “Stranger Things” sucked. Then came the loss of “Friends,” the streaming service’s single biggest draw, along with many other popular shows, including “The Office” and all the CW titles, which soon will be migrating to the new HBOMax streaming service.

Then the one-year era of Netflix as top Emmy nominee ended: Last week, HBO knocked Netflix flat with 137 nods to the streamer’s 117.

To add injury to insult, the very next day Netflix reported its first decline in U.S. subscribers since its 2011 attempt to spin off separate streaming and DVD services. Almost 130,000 U.S. subscribers bailed in the second quarter (presumably after fee increases ranging from 12% to 18%), while international subscription rates increased by only 2.7 million — half of what Netflix had projected.

Stock prices fell, one stockholder sued and media pundits came out of the woodwork to say, “We told you so.”

Told you that the spending spree could not be sustained forever, that too many of its new original series lack the critical and cultural impact of early hits like “House of Cards” — which concluded last fall — and “Orange Is the New Black” — which ends this week. That competition from an increasing number of streaming services would take a bite out of its library. That only so many viewers will put up with all those subtitles. That signing everyone from Ryan Murphy to the Obamas was all hubris and no business plan. That the new habit of canceling shows after three seasons is at odds with its own binge model. That if Pop TV gets a hit or an Emmy nod out of its recent Netflix acquisition “One Day at a Time,” heads are going to roll.

OK, that last bit is all me. But the rest? The only thing Americans love more than a highly successful brand enterprise is a highly successful brand enterprise that stumbles.

Especially a brand like Netflix, which in less than a decade has morphed from the ultimate symbol of low-effort leisure (why go anywhere when there are so many shows to watch?) into the flagship for the frenetic and competitive cycle of endless television production that threatens to drown us all. (How can I go anywhere when there are all these new shows to watch? And how do I turn off this damn dubbing?)

I’m not sure when Netflix became the company so many people loved to hate, but I suspect it was somewhere around the time older folks discovered what the term “Netflix and chill” actually meant. Having the name of your company become a verb is a heady thing; when it enters the lexicon as a euphemism for sex, you would do well to remember Icarus and prepare for a fall.

Or at least stop sending out press releases crowing over your latest recruit from the dwindling ranks of broadcast television. The quest for world domination looks bad enough on Disney, and Netflix has zero plushy factor. (Although Netflix did just release a a long list of upcoming kids shows — coincidence?)

Reading all the “Netflix loses subscribers” headlines with their cackling “the end is nigh” subtext was a master class in our love-hate relationship with success.

Remember when Vince Gilligan was telling anyone who would listen that without Netflix, “Breaking Bad” never would have survived its second season? Remember how excited those not employed in broadcast television were when “House of Cards” became the first streaming service series nominated for an Emmy? (And how thrilling it was that a Big Star like Kevin Spacey went on a national speaking tour touting Netflix as the future of television?)

Remember when binge watching became the new sex?

Back then, by which I mean around 10 years ago, Netflix was following the classic underdog narrative: A company previously best known for allowing people to avoid the drive to their local Blockbuster had suddenly become synonymous with both the rise of prestige television and digital disruption.


Now, Netflix is more like Starbucks or Twitter — successful but in an eye-rolling way, with occasional outburst of backlash. Starbucks is now shorthand for vanilla consumerism, and Twitter has its own section in the Mueller report.

There is, of course, the chance that Netflix may be trending more Forever 21 than Starbucks: that, like the clothing franchise now on the rocks, it has expanded so far beyond the origins of its success that it will collapse under the weight of its inventory and ambitions.

That, however, seems unlikely. Netflix still rules the kingdom it created not only by inventing the notion of binge watching but also by making a secondary platform key to the success of broadcast television. More important, Netflix turned television into something that could be kept, curated and controlled by its viewers. Suddenly we could watch whatever we wanted, wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted; the fairly new ability to download Netflix shows released viewers even from the confines of Wi-Fi. Personal devices of all sizes made television as portable as books or magazines (though still not as pleasing in a tactile sense).

Competition, however, was inevitable. Invention does not grant eternal ownership or even primacy; just ask the Ford Motor Company. The intense reaction and rabid speculation following Netflix’s recent dip is as much a testament to its current supremacy as its potential depreciation.

And, in a way, all the projecting and prognosticating is only fitting. It was Netflix that taught us narrative impatience, instilled in us the need to race through our story lines and then impatiently theorize how it all ends.

Even if we’re hate-watching the content-sucking death of over-politicized Netflix as it spirals around the Silicon Valley Cartel drain.

Netflix culture of fear forces employees to act like good little Democrats or be fired

Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images for Netflix

The smartest insight and analysis, from all perspectives, rounded up from around the web:

At Netflix, the workplace culture can be “ruthless” and “demoralizing,” said Shalini Ramachandran and Joe Flint at The Wall Street Journal. The Silicon Valley-based streaming giant counts “radical candor and transparency” among its highest corporate values. “Virtually every employee can access sensitive information,” such as viewer numbers for Netflix’s shows; about 500 executives can see the salaries of every staffer. The same transparency applies to evaluating performance. The company encourages team dinners “where everyone goes around and gives feedback and criticism about others at the table.” Managers are encouraged to regularly apply a “keeper test” to their staff, “asking themselves whether they would fight to keep a given employee” and firing those for whom the answer is “no.” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings uses the keeper test himself, and last year fired one of the company’s first employees, a close friend for decades. Some employees, though, see the test as a cover for “ordinary workplace politics,” and the firings as callous. One former Netflixer says she saw a fired colleague crying as she packed her boxes. Other employees looked away, fearing that “helping her would put a target on their back.”

Sure, working at Netflix is tough, “but the grown-ups it hires can handle it,” said Joe Nocera at Bloomberg. Back in 2004, Patty McCord, Netflix’s human resources chief, created a legendary 120-slide PowerPoint deck explaining Netflix’s culture of “freedom and responsibility.” She pushed her boss to “keep only our highly effective people.” It was McCord who devised the keeper test. “Can you guess how the story ends?” In 2011, Hastings used the keeper test — and fired her. McCord was a grown-up, so she understood. The plight of Netflix’s employees would be more sympathetic if they were Rust Belt factory workers whose jobs were being shipped to Mexico. “But they’re elites — highly paid Silicon Valley elites who have probably been through three or four jobs and are working at a place where they know that someday they’ll be fired, at which point they’ll be handed a big severance and find another job within days.” Netflix’s culture helped make the streaming service an enormous success. Both shareholders and employees should hope that “Hastings never stops firing people.”

Obama’s NETFLIX Airs Star-Spangled ‘Salute to Abortion’…

At Netflix, said Rhett Jones at Gizmodo, “kill or be killed seems to be accepted as mode of operation.” People in other corporate cultures might recognize some of the elements of the “Netflix way”: “brutal honesty, ritual humiliation, insider lingo, and constant fear.” Taken together, they are a “unique version of corporate hell.” But people who join the company “go in with their eyes open,” said Todd Spangler at Variety. Few employees seem irked by the policy of letting go those who aren’t stars. If they were, would Hastings keep his 87 percent approval rating from Netflix workers on the company ratings site Glassdoor? Netflix also took the No. 1 spot on a survey in which tech workers were asked which company they most wanted to join. “Dismissing employees who aren’t working out should make Netflix stronger.” A company set on “becoming the world’s biggest entertainment company” can’t afford to carry dead weight.

Netflix Faces Backlash for Spying On Customers’ Private Viewing Habits And Emotions

Twitter users compare company to “big brother” following comment on viewer data

Netflix is facing backlash for a tweet this week detailing the private viewing habits of some of its customers.

The official Netflix US Twitter account on Sunday jokingly noted that 53 people had watched the film “A Christmas Prince” for 18 days straight.

“To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?” the tweet said.


While some Twitter users viewed the attempt at humor lightheartedly, others began questioning what exactly is being done with customers’ data.

“This is amazing,” one Twitter user said. “Except for the ‘watching us like big brother’ part.”


Another Twitter user compared Netlix’s actions to those detailed in the dystopian novel “1984.”

“To the @netflix employee who recently watched 1984: It’s not an instruction manual,” the user said.


Although Netflix is known to collect user data in order to provide content recommendations, some felt the public disclosure, even if not linked to actual identities, suggests that such information may be widely accessible to employees.

Trevor Timm, executive director at the Freedom of the Press Foundation and columnist at The Guardian, responded by tweeting a series of questions for journalists to ask Netflix.

“How many employees have access to people’s viewing habits?” Timm said. “Are there any controls on how they can access this data/what it can be used for?”


Netflix, after being contacted by numerous reporters, released the following statement:

“The privacy of our members’ viewing is important to us,” the company said. “This information represents overall viewing trends, not the personal viewing information of specific, identified individuals.”


Supporters of the company pushed back against criticism of the tweet by accusing those concerned of blowing Netflix’s comment out of proportion.

“Netflix can do whatever they want,” one Twitter user said. “People can also stop using them.”


Matt Tait, a former information security specialist for Britain’s signals intelligence agency GCHQ, asked how Twitter users would feel had the NSA made the same tweet as Netlfix.

“Imagine if the NSA tweeted out stuff like this,” Tait tweeted.


According to Shane Dingman, a reporter with The Globe and Mail, Netflix has previously revealed the viewing habits of users.

“Again, this isn’t the only example: Netflix sent Canadian journos an example of a user who watch[ed] Lord of the Rings Return of the King 361 times in a year,” Dingman tweeted.


Netflix’s comment has received more than 400,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 100,000 times at the time of publication.


Netflix silent about ridicule as it discusses punters’ viewing habits (theregister.co.uk)

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Netflix Under Investigation for Streaming Disturbing Child Pornography Scenes (pjmedia.com)

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Planned Parenthood Research Organization Funded By Netflix Employees Fires VP for Sexual Harassment (bigleaguepolitics.com)

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Massive Lesbian Fight Breaks Out At SF Pride Parade and Netflix Employees and Users Involved (youtube.com)

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Liberal Hollywood Children's Services Adoption Manager Carlos Castillo Busted in Child Pornography Circuit

Liberal Hollywood Children’s Services Adoption Manager Carlos Castillo Busted in Child Pornography Circuit (archive.li)

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Is anyone else tired of Netflix shows trying to be woke …

Is anyone else tired of Netflix shows trying to be woke? DISCUSSION. The show has a lot of potential. Apocalypse theme shows/games really grab me. But seriously, all the PC bullshit they try to bring into the shows make it so cringe at moments. Why do they have to make it seem they are trying to spread a message in every show? The over the top …


Democrats have a huge fundraising advantage across Silicon Valley but an astronomical edge among Netflix and Apple employees

  • The top tech companies are giving Democrats almost three times as much money as Republicans, but the gap is much wider at Netflix and Apple.
  • Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has long been a big supporter of Democrats.
  • Apple’s Tim Cook has been critical of President Trump’s policies on trade and immigration.

Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix Inc.

Akio Kon | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix Inc., really loves him some weird sex

Across the technology landscape, Democrats have a huge fundraising advantage in the midterm elections when it comes to where employees are putting their money. But the edge over Republicans is particularly striking at two Silicon Valley companies: Netflix and Apple.

As of the end of September, Netflix employees had contributed $190,592 to Democrats this cycle, compared with just $1,350 to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That’s a ratio of 141-to-1. The ratio at Apple is 27-to-1, with Democrats receiving $737,003 versus $27,005 for Republicans.

Among the 15 most valuable U.S. tech companies, 10 of which are based in the Bay Area, employees have sent $9.1 million to Democrats and $3.2 million to Republicans — a ratio of 2.8-to-1, according to CRP data. The figures include individual donations to candidates, which max out at $2,700 per candidate, and exclude much larger contributions to political action committees and party groups.

Click to edit
Apple $737,003 $27,005 27 / 1
Amazon $1,165,410 $688,198 1.7 / 1
Google $2,622,388 $578,711 4.5 / 1
Microsoft $1,218,743 $470,028 2.6 / 1
Facebook $878,951 $228,400 3.8 / 1
Cisco $383,971 $194,563 2 / 1
Intel $517,441 $414,831 1.2 / 1
Oracle $376,742 $297,813 1.3 / 1
Netflix $190,592 $1,350 141 / 1
Nvidia $36,229 $4,300 8.4 / 1
IBM $296,100 $40,476 7.3 / 1
Salesforce $272,999 $47,061 5.8 / 1
PayPal $89,131 $54,000 1.7 / 1
Qualcomm $173,186 $88,801 2 / 1
Texas Instruments $90,859 $91,789 1 / 1
Total $9,049,745 $3,227,326 2.8 / 1
Center for Responsive Politics

At Netflix, the Democratic slant starts at the top. Co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings has contributed to several Democratic candidates, including Rep. Ro Khanna, who represents a good chunk of Silicon Valley, and Sen. Tim Kaine, who is trying to defend his seat in Virginia.

Hastings has long been a major donor to Democrats and earlier this year contributed $500,000 to the Senate Majority PAC, which says on its website that it “was founded by experienced, aggressive Democratic strategists with one mission: To win Senate races.”

In addition to his role at Netflix, Hastings sits on the Facebook board alongside Peter Thiel, a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump. Hastings reportedly told Thiel in an email during the 2016 presidential campaign that he had exercised “catastrophically bad judgment” in backing Trump.

Hastings declined to comment for this story.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not a big spender in the political realm. His only contribution for the midterms was to Rep. Zoe Lofgren, whose California district covers part of the South Bay. But Cook, who was among tech executives to meet with Trump after the 2016 election, has been critical of the president’s trade war, telling investors in July that the tariffs are a “tax on the consumer and end up resulting in lower economic growth.”

He’s also slammed Trump’s protectionist views on immigration and called the administration’s detention of children at the border “inhumane.”

Netflix, Obama and Not a Smidgen of Corruption (YAH RIGHT!!!)


The New York Post lede says it all:

Reed Hastings and the Obamas are making bank with Netflix deal.

We don’t know exactly how big that bank is, but we do know that the Obamas will produce “films and series for Netflix, potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features” to fill their vault.

Interestingly, the article notes:

“Netflix in 2007 had a $3 share price and was mailing DVDs to people. The Obamas were poised to enter the White House and then had a reported net worth of $1.3 million, according to CNN Money.

“Fast-forward to 2018. The Obamas have an estimated combined net worth of $75 million, according to published reports, mainly derived from speeches and a two-book deal with Penguin Random House.

“Hastings’ move to streaming helped him amass $4.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.”

You may remember President Obama ordered his FCC to impose Net Neutrality, heavily subsidizing / protecting / favoring companies like Netflix over ISPs (and others) in the marketplace.

Yes, the Obamas’ bank should be big (reportedly at $50 million).

Of course, we’ll hear from the adoring Obama press this week (if we do at all) that there’s not a smidgen of corruption or cronyism in the (re)new(ed) union.

Sure. Pay no attention to the revolving door.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch  sinister Netflix ploy to steal THOUGHTS and manipulate politics

The hit Netflix feature could be even creepier than we thought…NETFLIX REFUSES to say if NETFLIX or third-parties psychologically analyze your behavior on NETFLIX!!!!


BANDERSNATCH is one of the most talked-about Netflix episodes ever – and it could be the beginning of a sinister conspiracy to harvest your thoughts.

The Black Mirror episode lets viewers choose their own path through the story using on-screen options, but experts warn that it marks a dangerous future of surveillance.

Bandersnatch follows a young computer programmer adapting a Choose Your Own Adventure novel into a video game

Charlie Brooker’s latest dystopian TV wheeze is a Choose Your Own Adventure story played using a remote control.

But experts are now warning that this gives Netflix a wealth of data on the personal choices you make.

Netflix hasn’t revealed exactly what it’ll do with this data, but the company does offer up data to marketers and advertisers – and government organisations, when asked.

“Netflix is bound by privacy laws especially when dealing with European subjects,” Adam Brown, a cybersecurity expert at Synopsys, told The Sun.

Viewers can direct the storyline by making plot choices using their TV remote

“Those same laws do have exceptions, for example law enforcement agencies can of course legally access the data.”

For instance, imagine if you were charged with committing a violent crime.

The police could request Netflix data showing what decisions you made when watching TV shows.

For instance, Bandersnatch gives you the option to kill certain characters in very brutal, gory ways.

Data suggesting you chose violent actions during a viewing session could potentially count against you.

“Choices could reveal aspects of a viewer’s psyche to law enforcement agencies,” Brown explained.

But he added that your personality could be revealed by regular TV choices too – outside of Choose Your Own Adventure stories.

Experts say there’s a risk that data on the choices you make in interactive TV shows and movies could be abused

When combined with other data, this could mean bad things for your privacy, as one expert explains.

“Your smart TV, games console and AI assistant might know what you’re watching, hear all the comments you’re making, and even know which part of the screen you were looking at when you said that or made that expression,” said Dr Ian Pearson, a professional futurist, speaking to The Sun.

“Your fitness band meanwhile is measuring your excitement level via your heart rate.

“So the data will go much deeper and more personal than just choosing a storyline.”

What is Bandersnatch?

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Bandersnatch is an interactive film / TV episode released by Netflix on December 28, 2018
  • It’s part of the Black Mirror TV series created by Brit writer Charlie Brooker, which features standalone episodes that portray dystopian futures
  • Bandersnatch follows a young programmer named Stefan who is adapting a Choose Your Own Adventure book into a video game in 1984
  • During the episode, viewers get a chance to direct the plot by selecting options that appear on screen
  • This results in viewers seeing different storylines and endings, depending on the choices they make
  • The average viewing is 90 minutes, although it’s possible to watch the episode at a length of between 40 minutes and 2.5 hours
  • There are five “main” endings, although endings have small variants too
  • The episode received largely positive reviews, although some criticised the storyline

This data could then be accessed by governments or big-money advertisers.

Dr Pearson explained: “While much of the date gathered about you is low value, just form filling and clicking, that might not give true indications about you, your intimate behaviours and choices when watching a programme alone could reveal much more accurate and detailed data about you.

“All of that could be available to any company willing to pay or any government official with the right to access it.”

Netflix could learn about your personality by tailoring questions in future Choose Your Own Adventure shows

Not everyone is convinced that Bandersnatch can provide such detailed data, however.

Michael Pachter, a media expert at Wedbush Securities, told The Sun: “It’s not clear that Bandersnatch was effective in driving much consumer interest beyond the novelty of the experience.

He called the episode an “abject failure” and said: “I don’t think that Netflix has the skills set (yet) to make a compelling interactive experience.

“They need video game developers to make the “game” if they want it to be fun, and they’re letting movie makers dabble with a medium that they aren’t particularly good at.”

Pachter thinks that Netflix will create more Bandersnatch-style shows and will “endeavour to derive information”, but said it “won’t be effective or productive”.

“Keep in mind that they know very little about users beyond what they watch,” said Pachter.

“They don’t know age, gender, purchase habits, household income, or pretty much anything else about their customer. They may know that I like Stranger Things, but so do 13 year-old girls.

“Marketing feminine hygiene products to me based upon my choices in Bandersnatch would not be a particularly effective strategy.”

A Netflix spokesperson told The Sun: “The privacy of Netflix members is a priority for us.

“Documenting choices improves the experience and interactive functionality of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

“All interactions with the film and uses of that information are in compliance with our privacy statement.”
“Netflix does not sell or rent personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes or any other use.”

Netflix releases details of $65 million bribe to Obama

NETFLIX Reveals It Is The Political Campaign Financier Behind Obama, Hillary And The DNC


Barack and Michelle Obama are raking in the cash, thanks to the influence of a former campaign supporter.

The couple last week signed a creative production deal with Netflix that one entertainment-industry source said could be valued at more than $50 million.

Ted Sarandos, a major campaign contributor for Obama and the streaming giant’s creative-content chief who oversees an $8 billion budget, helped to broker the deal, the source told The Post.

Sarandos and his wife, Nicole Avant, bundled nearly $600,000 in contributions to Obama from their friends and associates during the 2012 presidential campaign.

The couple is friends with the Obamas, and Avant served as the US ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011, during the former president’s first term.

Her father, Clarence, a music exec, bundled a total of nearly $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns.

The multiyear Netflix agreement, in the works since at least March, calls on the Obamas “to produce a diverse mix of content, including the potential for scripted series, unscripted series, docuseries, documentaries and features,” which will be broadcast in 190 countries, according to a statement from the streaming service, which has 125 million subscribers around the globe.

The Obamas plan to work on stories that “promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world.”

Modal TriggerTed Sarandos
Ted SarandosGetty Images

Netflix received hundreds of résumés and story ideas after announcing the partnership, the source said.

Netflix says the couple formed Higher Ground Productions LLC to broker the deal. A firm with that name was incorporated in Delaware in April, public records show.

The contract comes a year after the Obamas inked a joint book deal with Penguin Random House valued in excess of $65 million. The first of the deal’s planned books, Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” is due out in November.

Since leaving office, Barack Obama has addressed groups across the country, speaking about grassroots organizing and the problems of the poor.

Ironically, the talks come at a steep price. After a speech at a health-care conference sponsored by Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald in September, Obama reportedly took home $400,000.

In addition to raking in millions, the former first couple has been involved in fund-raising for the Obama Foundation, which is developing a $500 million presidential center and library in Chicago.

The foundation took in more than $13 million in 2016, an exponential increase from just under $2 million the previous year, federal filings show.


Jonathan Friedland exited the company as communications chief after a second instance of his use of a racial slur was revealed. The ignominious end to his Netflix career was not exactly swept under the rug by an eye-opening memo to employees from CEO and founder Reed Hastings, which suggested larger problems in the company’s culture.

Hastings wrote that his “privilege” led him to “intellectualize or otherwise minimize race issues like this.”

For the session, shares dropped about 6.5%, closing at $384.48. It was the stock’s biggest single-day drop since 2016, when its stock swooned after the company said it would not renew an agreement with the cable network Epix (and lose popular movies including The Hunger Games). Trading volume came in at twice the normal level. Media shares overall were in retreat as major stock indices shed more than 1% each, though the damage was far worse for the streaming giant.




Jonathan Friedland
Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock


Netflix’s company’s stock has been on a tear in recent months, with blockbuster quarterly earnings reports stoking unbridled optimism about the company’s trajectory. Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs increased its 12-month price target to $490, leading to multiple record-setting new highs for the stock.

The correlation between the events surrounding Friedland’s departure and the fall of the stock is not certain. Wall Street analysts do not generally try to interpret how racial or sociological currents running through organizations and corporate America may affect share prices. Also, during a year in which Netflix stock has risen 100%, compared with a 7% uptick for the Nasdaq and no gain for the S&P 500, the down day could be nothing more than profit-taking.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment.

The stock collapse comes during a time of heightened sensitivity for all public companies. Intel shares, for example, have shed nearly 4% since Thursday. That was when the company’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, resigned suddenly after news surfaced of a consensual and since-concluded affair with an employee. While the conduct violated Intel policy, the policy would likely not have existed a generation ago.

For Netflix, Friedland’s comments, made months before his ultimate dismissal, follow questions raised by major institutional investors about the composition of Netflix’s board and its lack of racial diversity.

The Service Employees International Union and The California State Teachers’ Retirement System raised the issue in 2017 in a shareholder proposal that would have amended Netflix’s bylaws to change how directors are elected.

“Unlike 81% of its peers in the S&P 500, Netflix does not have any racial or ethnic diversity on its board,” wrote SEIU Chief Financial Officer Bill Dempsey and CalsTrs Director Anne Sheehan. “Furthermore, despite Netflix’s global reach, the board does not have a single member based outside the west coast of the U.S.”

Earlier this year, Netflix named its named its first African American director, former U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice. The 10 other board members are Caucasian.


The California Public Employees’ Retirement System and the New York City Pension Funds together supported a non-binding proposal this year that would have opened up the director nominating process. Together, the funds have $544 billion in assets under management and are long-term shareholders in Netflix, with some 1.5 million shares.

The funds argued, in a letter to other shareholders, that Netflix has repeatedly resisted such a measure, that would provide greater accountability in the boardroom.

“Similar proposals have received support from a majority of the voting shares in 2015, 2016 and 2017,” wrote CalPERS Investment Office Director Simiso Nzima and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer. “But the board remains opposed to the request, even after strong shareholder support for multiple years.”

As recently as this March, CEO Reid Hastings said he saw no need to incorporate “inclusion riders” into contracts, which would result in more diverse cast and crews.

“We’re not so big on doing everything through agreements,” Hastings was quoted by USA Today as saying during a March press briefing. “We’re trying to do things creatively.”

Netflix has received credit for promoting a diversity of actors, writers and directors — indeed, it touted that record in a commercial that aired during the BET Awards. The company reports that African Americans make up just 4% of staff and leadership; Latinos comprise 6% of staff and leadership and Asian Americans account for 24%.

Guy Reveals Netflix Reached Out To Him When They Became Concerned About His Mental Health


Netflix have taken a little bit of heat this week, after some considered their “year in review” campaign to be a little invasive. 

After revealing some general 2017 statistics (Netflix users watched over a billion hours of content per week, for example) the streaming service dropped a few anecdotes about individual users. They called out a Canadian user who found the time to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King no less than 361 times, before pointing out that 53 people have watched their original movie A Christmas Prince 18 days straight.


To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?



This pissed some people off:



That’s pretty creepy @netflix. Is it in your Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy that you will collect and analyze viewing habits so that you can mock people via social media? Asking for a friend. 



While we kind of took it to be harmless fun (it’s not like they’re actually naming and shaming people), one guy rushed to Netflix’s defence to point out that them monitoring viewers’ habits can be beneficial.

Writing on Reddit, he explained that during an episode of depression he found himself unable to do much more than sit in front of Netflix. After he had spent a week watching pretty much 24/7, he received an email from a Netflix customer support worker. They had noticed that his viewing activity had significantly changed, and wanted to check that he was okay.


As he explained, it meant a lot to him that they reached out, and that “ someone, even a stranger working at a customer support agency, cared about my mental health.” 

You can read the full story here:

“One summer I was going through an episode of depression and I wasn’t working as I was on break from college and waiting until I moved back to my college town to start again. I ended up doing nothing but watching Netflix, and after I finished The Office in something like 5 – 10 days, I don’t quite remember, I received an email from Netflix asking if I was okay.

They had noticed that I had my account running non-stop for over a week and they wanted to check on me and make sure I was doing well since my viewing activities became so much more frequent than they used to be. Honestly made me feel better just knowing that someone, even a stranger working at a customer support agency, cared about my mental health.”

It’s an incredible story.


–  Bad Bollywood Hack Jobs, Boring Spanish Drama’s And SJW D-Grade Fare Make Netflix Content Choices Suck

Netflix has hired every SJW and angry homosexual that they can find and their content reflects that. Most of Netflix programmers are East Indian imports and their content reflects that too. Netflix has dropped behind VUDU, Hulu, Amazon, Tubi, Crackle and many other providers in terms of public opinion.

Why is so much Netflixcontentbad? | Idaho Statesman

The company said it will spend up to $8 billion on content this year. Many commentators have asked whether this is too much for financial stability. We may need to ask whether this is simply too much, period.

Why is Netflix UK so bad? : netflix – reddit

Why is Netflix UK so bad? … Netflix has a lot of good hidden content. That content is even much difficult to find now, thanks to the new “rating system”.

What Is Wrong With Netflix? – Forbes

What Is Wrong With Netflix? … from Breaking Bad to Arrested Development … I do think Netflix’sability to invest in original content makes it stand …

Why Netflix’s goal of 50% original content may be bad news …

Binge-watching your favorite show might become a bit more difficult in the coming years, as Netflix Inc. moves toward its goal of creating half of the content the streaming service offers.

Is Netflix starting to suck? | TigerDroppings.com

Is Netflix starting to suck? – Seems like I haven't seen any decent new movies come out on Netflix in months. I will give them credit for a few of the original ser

59 Reasons Netflix Streaming Is Extremely Disappointing

TVAndMovies 59 Reasons Netflix Streaming Is Extremely Disappointing This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever spent a full hour trying to find something to watch before giving up completely.

New Joel McHale Show On Netflix Proves Why Cable TV’s Cord-Cutting Woes Are Deepening And Highlighting Divergence With Netflix

– Joel McHale was encouraged to re-do his slam of cable TV reality shows on the Netflix web. His new production costs are simply a closet-sized room with a green backdrop and a free Netflix audience of Netflix staffers.

It is the audience shots that reveal the secret!

You can plainly see, in the on-camera angles, that the entire HR hiring program of Netflix is focused on SoyBoys, flagrant homosexuals, effeminate Buzzfeed-type males and side-buzzed haircut angry feminists. The audience is the core essence of the people that Netflix hires, and calls to, in their company mantra: the extremist dregs of modern leftist society.

Fat round little frozen faced males with overtly cliche’ goatees punctuate the Netflix staffed audience of Millennial losers and eager, angry, collegiate student-type ANTIFA-wannabe’s.

CABLE TV: Meet your future!

Cable TV’s previous audience is dead. Literally! They died of old age. The Golden Girls and Happy Days-loving “I-Wish-It-Was-Like-This-In-Real-Life crowd is dead and buried. The hipsters have inherited the future.

Granted, there is a huge potential audience of non-college riot-ready folks who will watch media on the internet but Netflix is not interested in them.

Netflix wants to feel cool to itself so it hires and programs it’s GUI front end to aim straight at the naive, young urban kid. The problem is: Netflix and those dumb kinds of people are too idiotic and self-centered to survive the future. Netflix is playing to fashion and hype when it should be playing to historical sociological process…

By Shalini Ramachandran 

Cable provider Charter Communications Inc.’s sour first-quarter results delivered further evidence for Wall Street that stepped-up cord-cutting and slower broadband customer growth are putting U.S. telecommunications companies at a meaningful disadvantage to tech giants like Netflix Inc.

The third-largest American pay-TV provider by subscribers said it lost 122,000 video customers in the first quarter, a far worse outcome than the roughly 40,000 subscriber losses Wall Street analysts expected. In the year-earlier period, Charter lost 100,000 customers.

The results triggered an investor selloff, with Charter shares down as much as 16% in late morning trading, the largest single-day percentage decline since 2009. Shares recovered slightly and were down 13% in early afternoon trading.

Charter’s results follow similarly negative reports on subscriber cord-cutting from its bigger rivals, Comcast Corp. and AT&T Inc., this week. Comcast said Wednesday it lost cable TV customers for the fourth-straight quarter due to heightened competition from cheaper online TV services, and AT&T reported video revenue declines as growth to its streaming service DirecTV Now didn’t offset higher-value satellite TV customer defections.

The results have shaken investors’ confidence that big telecom companies’ broadband customer growth will offset declines from cord-cutting as time goes on. Charter reported Friday that its broadband customer growth decelerated, echoing a similar trend at Comcast and AT&T. Charter added 331,000 high-speed internet customers, compared with an addition of 428,000 a year ago.

Investors are concerned that the troubling subscriber trends and Comcast’s recent bid for European pay-TV operator Sky PLC signal a more fundamental problem: That American cable and telecom giants don’t have the assets and scale to hold their own against global tech giants.

Netflix, which is a prime draw for cord-cutters and has been expanding rapidly overseas, has been routinely beating Wall Street’s expectations for subscriber growth. Its already pricey shares have soared 63% this year.

“Cable is currently out of favor, in large measure due to Comcast’s extracurricular activities,” wrote veteran Wall Street analyst Craig Moffett in a Friday research note.

The growing worries about cable and telecom firms have erased chunks from the market values of Comcast, Charter and AT&T. Since the beginning of February, Charter has lost more than $30 billion in market value, and AT&T has shed nearly $50 billion. Comcast’s market value has declined nearly $50 billion since late January. Meanwhile, Netflix has gained more than $50 billion this year.

Charter’s results Friday weighed down other industry stocks. Dish Network Corp. shares fell 3%, while Comcast and Liberty Global PLC each fell 4%.

On a call with analysts Friday morning, Charter Chief Executive Tom Rutledge said the company’s optimistic vision for its future growth hasn’t changed. Charter executives continue to point to the ongoing integration of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, both of which Charter bought in 2016, as a major source for much of the weakness in subscriber results.

Mr. Rutledge said the integration has some “lumpy aspects to it as we combine the companies in various ways,” but he added “that integration is actually going quite well and pretty much as planned.”

While subscriber results disappointed investors, Charter increased earnings 8% to $168 million in the quarter, and overall revenue grew 5% to $10.7 billion, helped by broadband revenue growth, cable bill increases and ad revenue growth. Earnings per share grew to 70 cents from 57 cents a year ago. Profit and revenue fell short of Wall Street estimates of 98 cents a share on $10.8 billion in revenue, according to analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.


Obamas’ Netflix deal: THE PAYOLA

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos celebrated Barack and Michelle Obama as “among the world’s most respected and highly-recognized public figures” in announcing a deal last week for the Obama family to produce films and series for the streaming service.

“We are incredibly proud they have chosen to make Netflix the home for their formidable storytelling abilities,” Sarandos said in a news release.

What Sarandos didn’t mention: He and his wife have long been donors and friends to the Obamas, having raised more than a half-million dollars as bundlers for the president’s campaign in 2012. His wife, Nicole Avant, also was appointed by Obama as ambassador to the Bahamas, serving from 2009 to 2011.


Netflix confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that Sarandos himself was directly involved in brokering the Obama deal.

“Ted Sarandos is our chief content officer so of course he was engaged in bringing Higher Ground Productions to Netflix,” a company spokesman told Fox News on Monday.

Higher Ground Productions is the name of the company established by the Obamas to produce content for Netflix.


According to the New York Post, which first reported Sarandos’ involvement in the deal, Sarandos and Avant bundled nearly $600,000 in contributions to Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign.

Netflix official Ted Sarandos and wife Nicole Avant, the former US ambassador to the Bahamas, have been big Obama donors.  (Reuters)

Avant’s father, Clarence, a music executive, also bundled nearly $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns, the Post reported. The newspaper said one source estimated the deal with the Obamas could be worth over $50 million. 

The Obama deal also comes just two months after Netflix announced that Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations, would be joining the company’s board of directors.

“I am thrilled to be joining the board of directors of Netflix, a cutting-edge company whose leadership, high-quality productions, and unique culture I deeply admire,” Rice said in March.

Angry subscribers threaten to cancel.

Netflix on Monday suggested Rice had no involvement in bringing the Obamas to the company, but nobody believes Netflix.

“Board members play no role in content decisions at Netflix,” the spokesman said when asked about Rice’s potential role. 

Netflix says the Obamas will produce a variety of content, including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features. 

“One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience,” Obama said in a statement last week. “That’s why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix – we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world.”

It’s not yet known what specific projects the Obamas will tackle. Sarandos, during an event in New York on Tuesday, denied that the former first family would be using the platform to turn Netflix into “the Obama Network.”

“There’s no political slant to the programming,” Sarandos said of the planned Obama productions, according to Variety.


The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle


A somber and sober Memorial Day to one and all.

Ex-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle just signed a deal with Netflix to “produce television shows and films for the streaming service.” It could be worth as much as $50 million.

Which makes perfect business sense for Netflix – given the Obamas’ extensive experience in story development, screenwriting, direction and production.

I kid. I’m a kidder.

The Obamas, of course, have zero history in the filmmaking business. The chances of them falling backwards into content production success are…just about non-existent.

When examined through a political prism – rather than a business one – this move makes perfect sense. For the Obamas – and Netflix.

It is the culmination of a decade’s worth of DC cronyism – come round full circle: “Ted…Sarandos and his wife, Nicole Avant, bundled nearly $600,000 in contributions to Obama from their friends and associates during the 2012 presidential campaign.”

And who is Ted Sarandos?: “(Netflix)’s creative content chief who oversees an $8 billion budget (and who) helped to broker the deal….”

Aha. I see.

And what of Sarandos’ matrimonial co-bundler?: “Avant served as US ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011, during the president’s first term. Her father, Clarence, a music exec, bundled a total of nearly $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns.”

Well isn’t all of this nice and cozy.

What has the former First Couple planned for Netflix?: “The Obamas plan to work on stories that ‘promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world.’”

Yes, because Hollywood is really suffering a titanic dearth of this sort of content. I was just thinking the other day “What we’re really not getting in movies and on television – is a bunch of mushy-headed Leftist claptrap dressed up as entertainment.”



I kid. I’m a kidder.

Of course Netflix’s $50-million-Obama-throwaway – follows on the heels of their appointing former Obama official and serial liar Susan Rice to its board. And terminally un-funny, angry and acerbic White House Correspondents Dinner emcee Michelle Wolf – getting a Netflix deal her own self.

And I can with nigh certitude say this Obama deal – is a $50 million throwaway. I said so on social media – and received Never Trumper pushback that “Netflix wouldn’t cut the deal unless they think it will make them money.” That this deal was “capitalism in action.”

Really? Has someone missed the last thirty-plus years of Hollywood nonsense?

Where Hollywood time and again trots out Leftist nonsense disguised as entertainment – only to watch the box-office and ratings awfulness it produces? Only to try it again? And again? And again? Five-millionth-time will be the charm, I guess they’re thinking.

Where Hollywood time and again leaves million-dollar-bills lying on the sidewalk – i.e. the production and delivery of pro-traditional-America content? Which they ever-so-rarely deliver – and then act abjectly shocked when it rakes in the cash?

I.e. when the not-entirely-anti-Donald-Trump “Roseanne” redux – delivers monster ratings networks haven’t seen since the advent of cable TV. I.e. – before “Roseanne” was on the first time.

And this anti-bottom-line ideological nonsense – has crept well beyond the bowels of just Hollywood.

Companies in many sectors have forgotten the elementary rule to which basketball legend Michael Jordan rigorously adhered.

A lifelong staunch Democrat – Jordan never publicly said so. When angrily asked by another Democrat why – Jordan calmly, wisely responded: “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Most Democrats – are demonstrably dumber than is Jordan.

How about that NBC deal with Chelsea Clinton – daughter of former and wishful presidents Bill and Hillary?

NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 to Do Nothing, Basically

Longtime-Leftist coffee mega-merchant Starbucks – recently tried accomodation-Communism in its locations. And then immediately began backtracking – when they saw the drug-riddled, stench-ifying results.

The raft of anti-National Rifle Association (NRA) corporate stupidity – has been particularly impressive.

All of these companies – in the name of ideology – are telling half the American people…they do not want their money.

That seems to me to be…really very stupid.

Oh – and of course, conversely: If you’re a non-Leftist and choose to not do business with a Leftist – the Left will use the full force of government…to mandate you to do so anyway. See: Christian bakers and Christian florists – to name but two of very many examples.

Before we leave the Obama-Netflix $50 million nexus behind – let us more fully examine the Obama Administration years…and how fantastic they were for Netflix.

In no small part – because Netflix’s Sarandos and his Bahamas-ambassador wife…weren’t the only Netflix donors. Big coin also came…from the very top.

Netflix CEO, a Democratic Donor, Expands Influence in D.C.: “Under the leadership of major Democratic donor Reed Hastings, Netflix has grown its influence in Washington, D.C., and is wielding that influence to get its way on multiple legal issues that are central to its business model.”

With all of that Democrat donating – Netflix was certainly looking for more than a cushy, tropical diplomatic post. They wanted hardcore crony policy. And the Obama Administration delivered. Again, and again, and….

A principal recurring theme in the Obama-Netflix cronyism – was the administration outlawing Netflix being charged for the massive bandwidth it uses. How massive is said bandwidth use?

Netflix Bandwidth Usage Climbs to Nearly 37% of Internet Traffic at Peak Hours

And that was in 2015. Today’s percentage – is undoubtedly even larger.

And the Obama Administration – was more than happy to oblige Netflix with their massive free ride.

Under the umbrella power grab that is the very awful Network Neutrality – Obama delivered Netflix an all-encompassing price-fix…of zero dollars. Always, forever – and no matter how much data Netflix uses – Netflix would pay…nothing.

Oh: Which means we small-time, small-bandwidth retail users…get to pay exponentially more for our Internet service. So as to augment the profits of Netflix and the other bandwidth hog companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. That’s certainly fair.

The Obama Administration in 2010 – unilaterally imposed a milder version of Net Neutrality. The DC Circuit Court in 2014 – struck it down.

So the Obama Administration in 2015 – went whole hog on Net Neutrality with a much-more-massive power grab. (Of which, thankfully, the Trump Administration recently rid us.)

Because Netflix was dedicated to getting unlimited free bandwidth.

And Obama was dedicated to giving it to them.

Because Netflix was dedicated to getting Obama elected.

And now that Obama has delivered all the cronyism his administration could muster – he gets a $50 million crony Netflix deal.

Closing this particular, particularly-foul circle of cronyism.

The only pains we have left to suffer here – are the awful movies and TV shows the Obamas will produce.

But there are oh-so-many other awful government-cronyism circles – still working on closing themselves….


Explained – Netflix (whatever)

 by Wheresthebeef to whatever (+34|-1)

‘Wild Wild Country’: Netflix’s Crazy Sex-Cult Docuseries About 80’s Cult Also Describes Google/Netflix Culture Today

Creators Maclain and Chapman Way discuss their eye-opening new Netflix series—now streaming—about a heavily armed New Age sex cult that invaded Oregon in the 1980s.


You May Think Facebook, Google And Netflix Are ‘Helping You’ But The Fact Is They Are Infecting You

“Here is some free stuff” the social media giants say, and they place the box of goodies on the ground before you. “Great” you say. When you bend over to pick it up, you never notice that you have spread your cheeks as wide as possible and allowed Google’s and Facebook’s covert investors, and owners, as deep into you as one can get.

Why should you care?

When you wake up the next morning with a bleeding orifice and find that you have been date-raped ( or “data-raped”) by Mark Zuckerberg, you WILL care!

You LOVE free and cheap stuff. Most stupid people love free and cheap stuff, too.

When you had sex with the most popular person in your school and find out the next day that they took pictures of it on their phone and passed those pictures around the whole school, how do you feel?

That is the SAME way you should feel every time you use a company owned by Google or Facebook creeps.

You may think that cats on the internet and Instagram girls on beaches are fun but every second you are looking at them, the psychological analysis software at Google is looking at you and deciding you are a sucker.

A psychological study of you is kept by the social media companies. They know your politics, your pregnancy status, your medical issues, what you are addicted to and how to make you vote this way or that way.

How many microns you moved your mouse this way, or that way is recorded. All the hundreds of identification signatures inside your computer and phone are recorded. Did you pause here or scroll past there. It is recorded and analyzed.

People in Congress are too stupid, too technically illiterate and have zero training in semiology, psychology, subliminal messaging or any of the other tricks that Google and Facebook use. Google can bluff them into the next century and Congress will, STILL, never have a clue how insidious Google is.

YOU have to protect you. JUST DON’T USE ANY Silicon Valley corporate social media and don’t let your friends use it!

Don’t drink the Silicon Valley Kool Aid. Don’t be a sucker. Nothing is “cute” on social media, it is a trap. If you can’t delete your social media account you are addicted exactly the same way a heroin addict is addicted. Social media creates a fake sense of a digitally synthetic group that does not actually exist. Nobody on social media cares about YOU, they are care about clicks!

The owners of the social media companies are using you like cattle on a data ranch. The more you use it, the closer you are getting to the digital slaughter house of privacy.