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Whereas Defendants John Doerr Why Elon Musk and John Doerr hate hydrogen more than anything on Earth

SCREWED BY DOE: Truck Might Actually Make Hydrogen Power Happen

Collusion in Silicon Valley: How high does it go?


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Federal Reserve DNC operatives rigged Fed policy to cover Elon Musk_s and John Doerr_s failures Tesla Vapors Kill You Slowly, Why Didn’t DOE know? How Google Kills People It Does Not Like The Library of Congress Records on DOE Corruption SCREWED BY DOE: XP Vehicles Overview SCREWED BY DOE: scion_ev2 COMPLAINTS AGAINST DOE POLITICAL REPRISAL ATTACKS ON THE PUBLIC: Larry Page and John Doerr SCREWED BY DOE: XP Vehicles, and other Gawker attack victims, file claims The Obama West Wing Has An Attack Team It Uses Against Taxpayers it Does Not Like DOES GOOGLE’S MICHELLE LEE WORK FOR BOTH GOOGLE AND THE U.S. PATENT OFFICE AT THE SAME TIME? RECENT DOE NEWS 1 DOE ATVM LOAN PROGRAM SCREWED BY DOE: 0228brightauto FINAL-DOE-Loan-Guarantees-Report AA2012-10-31-Memo-on-DOE-Loan-Guarantee-Program-Oversight AADOE-HQ-2008-0020-0007.1[1] AAFINAL-DOE-Loan-Guarantees-Report DOE FAVORITISM ATVM DOE COSTS GAO STILL FINDS THAT DOE IS CORUPT GAO FINDS THAT DOE IS RUN LIKE A WHORSEHOUSE DOE auto loan program was badly bungled SCREWED BY DOE: Bright Automotive _ Chicago Tonight _ WTTW DOE Rushed Treasury on Solyndra to Accommodate Press Release Solar company bankrupt despite ‘win-win’ DOE loan _ Campaign 2012 _ Washington Examiner DOE DOES NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT MPG Coda shelves plans for Ohio battery plant because of DOE inaction SCREWED BY DOE: Coda Abandons Plan To Build Its Battery Cells In U.S Elon Musk_ Daimler Saved Tesla, DoE Loans A Bad Idea Jordan grills Chu over DOE loan program, political connections _ Washington Free Beacon Jordan Grills Energy Secretary Chu Over Solyndra, DOE Loans – YouTube SOLYNDRA SLOWS DOE SCAM SCREWED BY DOE: Indiana Gov. Daniels_ Obama administration ‘gun-shy’ on auto loans _ The Detroit News _ detroitnews SCREWED BY DOE: fIndiana Gov. Daniels_ Obama administration ‘gun-shy’ on auto loans _ The Detroit News _ detroitnews DOE RIGGING REVIEWS STEVEN CHU DESTROYED DOE Report_ DOE not following its own standards in loan process _ The Journal News _ _ LoHud Alaska Native News-News for the People of the Last Frontier – Murkowski_ Implementation of DOE Loan Programs Requires Reform DOE JUST MAKES CRAP UP DOE federal loan guarantee improvements needed, Government Accountability Office report says _ The Augusta Chronicle GAO SAYS DOE HAS ITS HEAD UP ITS BUTT GAO SAYS DOE IS A MESS DOE KILLS MANY FORESTS GAO to issue report on DOE loan guarantees; Republicans seek ‘watch list’ _ SNL SCREWED BY DOE: Police Car Factory Denied Federal Loan _ News _ Manufacturing DailyTech – Carbon Motors Fails to Secure $310M DOE Loan for Advanced Police Cars, Blames Politics Politicians empathize with Connersville over DOE’s decision on Carbon Motors loan _ Palladium-Item _ pal-item DOE rejects $310M loan for Carbon Motors to build advanced police cars SCREWED BY DOE: Carbon Motors denied government loan for police cruiser – Autoweek SCREWED BY DOE: CARBON MOTORS GETS BLOCKADED CARBON MOTORS WHACKED BY DOE Carbon Motors’ $310 million DOE loan for police-car production rejected CARBON MOTORS KILLED BY DOE SCREWED BY DOE: Carbon Motors news hits Connersville hard SCREWED BY DOE: Carbon Motors Corp. won’t get $310 million dollar loan from feds _ The Star Press _ thestarpress SCREWED BY DOE: E. Ind. police car factory denied federal loan _ Herald Times Reporter _ htrnews SCREWED BY DOE: Carbon Motors Corporation – Purpose Built Police Car, Police Vehicle, E7 Green Car Congress_ DOE not proceeding with ATVM loan for Carbon Motors; company exploring strategic and financing alternatives SCREWED BY DOE: Connersville company and Indiana governor slam feds for refusing loan _ Business _ Indiana News Carbon Motors Announces That ATVM Loan Caught in DOE Political Crossfire – MarketWatch SCREWED BY DOE: BRIGHT AUTO GETS BUTT KICKED BY CAMPAIGN FINANCIERS EV maker Bright Auto goes dark, blasts stalled DOE loan _ CurrentWerks DOE Loan, Ends Operations _ National Legal and Policy Center GM-Funded EV Company Gives Up on DOE Loan, Ends Operations _ National Legal and Policy Center Bright Automotive, electric-car manufacturer, says it’s closing due to DOE’s loan process _ GlobalPost SCREWED BY DOE: Government ‘Still Supports’ Carbon Motors Loan – Newsroom – Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick EV maker Bright Auto goes dark, blasts stalled DOE loan _ Cutting Edge – CNET News SCREWED BY DOE: Bright the latest Indiana electric vehicle startup to call it quits – WGN Radio SCREWED BY DOE: Big questions swirl around big Indiana business projects – 13 WTHR Indianapolis SCREWED BY DOE: BRIGHT AUTO STONE WALLED DOE KILLS BRIGHT AUTOMOTIVE GM-backed electric car company folds, slams DOE loan process _ Fox News Startup Bright Automotive Shuts Down, Slams DoE Loan Process SCREWED BY DOE: Bright Automotive closes up shop after failing to get fed loan money _ The Detroit News _ detroitnews SCREWED BY DOE: Hybrid-vehicle hopeful Bright Automotive folding _ 2012-02-29 _ Indianapolis Business Journal _ IBJ Chrysler Pulls DOE Loan Request – WSJ Chrysler withdraws government loan request, calls DOE terms too restrictive Green Car Congress_ Chrysler Group withdraws its application for DOE Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan CORRUPTION IN THE DOE AALettertoDOEandOMBonLGs DOE EPIC FAILS SILICON VALLEY OWNS THE DOE SILICON VALLEY CARTEL CONTROLS DOE doe spending GAO FAULTS DOE1 GAO FAULTS DOE 2 SCREWED BY DOE: img192 SCREWED BY DOE: img191 SCREWED BY DOE: img190 SCREWED BY DOE: img189 SCREWED BY DOE: img188 SCREWED BY DOE: attachment_a_tsd SCREWED BY DOE: Roush Overview for XP Vehicles SCREWED BY DOE: XP Vehicles Dealers and Plants DRAFT 1 SCREWED BY DOE: XP Vehicles japan_automobiles report TESLA IS FAILING SO WHY DID DOE GIVE TESLA CASH? SCREWED BY DOE: COCKPITS SCREWED BY DOE: 1Power HandOuts 80724 SCREWED BY DOE: GDI_GEM_Kochak_Development_Indices_India_China SCREWED BY DOE: SP05 Fuel cell Bike SCREWED BY DOE: cots05_hardassets2 SCREWED BY DOE: CleanGreenFleetAP SCREWED BY DOE: T95-39_UHVDAdvCompAuto SCREWED BY DOE: Well_to_Tank_Report_EU SCREWED BY DOE: U02-02_CleanerGreener SCREWED BY DOE: T99-07_StrategyH2Trans SCREWED BY DOE: LEVPropulsion SCREWED BY DOE: JPMORGAN ALT ENERGY SCREWED BY DOE: worldwide car production-1 SCREWED BY DOE: businessplan Why Virtual Reality Still Doesn’t Work Tesla Vapors Kill You Slowly, Why Didn’t DOE know? How Google Kills People It Does Not Like How Google Kills People It Does Not Like