Corruption Charges In The Cleantech Crash Case:

In Bullet-point, the charges against the Feinstein Family Cartel, in the Cleantech Crash Corruption Case include:

  • Feinstein was the promoter, lobbyist and beneficiary of the side-by-side (on the same plot of land) Tesla and Solyndra government hand-out funding scandal.

  • Feinstein’s daughter, Kathryn, documented illicit actions by her mother, while in social habitation with the applicants

  • While in the Mayor’s office, Bruce Brugman, publisher of the top San Francisco weekly newspaper: The San Francisco Bay Guardian, documented and published nearly 100 corruption charges against Feinstein. Local law enforcement efforts, against Feinstein were nearly impossible, at the time, according to Bay Guardian staff because local politicians and authorities had been paid off by James Bronkema, David Rockefeller’s “bag man” and John Molinari, the local mob “bag man”. Ex-Guardian staff have suggested that associates of one of those two Feinstein financing clans had, possibly arranged the George Moscone assassination in order to position Feinstein for higher office

  • Herb Newman, of Sausalito, California; Feinstein’s relative, was awarded the staffing contracts for Tesla and Solyndra based on Feinstein’s say-so, in direct conflict of interest

  • Feinstein, and her Chief of Staff, warned applicant’s about attempting to use the NUMMI auto factory, which she was covertly placing Tesla in and Solyndra next to. Tesla had already publicly rejected the NUMMI building as “unusuable” in the press, yet Feinstein talked Tesla into using it so that her husband’s company could profit from it and so she could arrange kick-backs to Tesla, more easily

  • Feinstein worked with Senator Harry Reid on the Cleantech Scams. Together, by helping White House staff and financiers manipulate the program, they made over $50 Million in personal profits at taxpayer expense

  • Feinstein staff worked for and were compensated by, Tesla and Solyndra. In some cases Feinstein staff and Tesla staff were interchangeable, in direct conflict-of-interest

  • Feinstein’s husband had financial interests in the railroad property adjacent to the Tesla and Solyndra buildings. Feinstein later got him the entire California high speed rail contract

  • The Feinstein family owned the construction company which Tesla and Solyndra, used. They were given no-bid contracts

  • Feinstein, and her husband worked with White House staff under Rahm Emanual and Silicon Valley campaign financier John Doerr and associates involved with Kleiner Perkins to conduit bribes, and campaign financing, as stock warrants and positions

  • Feinstein associate: Roger Boas, was arrested for involvement in a child prostitution ring for political pedophiles, and for embezzling money for the Moscone Convention Center construction

  • The Feinsstein Family held war profiteering contracts in Afghanistan, Bolivia and other regions which held the exclusive mining contracts for Solyndra and Tesla chemicals

  • After Solyndra was raided by the FBI and went bankrupt, costing taxpayers over half a trillon dollars in losses, the Feinstein Cartel used the tax write-off losses to make a profit, via tax form manipulations on the tax-write-off losses from the Solyndra crash

  • Feinstein, and her staff, sabotaged other applicants who were competing for the same funds as Tesla and Solyndra

  • Even after Solyndra went bankrupt, the Feinstein family continued to profit off of the Solyndra scandal by re-leasing the buildings and collecting real estate profits

  • Feinstein’s family ran the property sales and leasing contracts for the Tesla and Solyndra buildings

  • Gary D. Conley, a Bay Area solar and Hydrogen company CEO, whistle-blew on the corruption at Tesla and Solyndra and was later found with a bullet in his head behind a Northern California Air Force base. His family, and friends, charge that is death was “suspicious”

  • Feinstein’s family and associates held stock in Tesla, Solyndra and other “Clean Tech” companies, which they acquired at key pre-announcement points, most likely based on insider information and the payola from bribes provided as stock warrants

  • Feinstein, and her staff told Fremont, California city officers to not engage in discussions with competing applicants

  • Although other, competing, applicants had been in written discussions, and negotiations, with senior executives at Toyota for the use of the NUMMI plant, Feinstein warned Toyota that only Tesla would be supported for the use of the plant. This was before anyone from Tesla had contacted anyone from Toyota, the owners of the plant, and after Elon Musk had been published in the press saying that Tesla could have no use for the building.


The facts, evidence, testimony and surveillance clearly prove that Dianne Feinstein used her public office to stage a corruption program to provide public cash and resources to herself and her family for covert profits at taxpayer expense. She used her office to assist in the attacks and sabotage of U.S. companies who were competing for the same funds that she was manipulating.