The Alliance is a group of people, and organizations, including taxpaying voters, who were victims of these corruption crimes. Let’s fix these corruption problems by making the 2016 Elections one for the history books!

Because the voters have lost over a trillion dollars of their hard earned money, in these crimes, any member of the public can join The Alliance, too.

You can see part of the work that the bureaucrats scammed us into doing, HERE, re: expenses from staff, insurance, engineering, legal, etc; that the U.S. Department of Energy and the State of California induced applicants to undertake, when those government officials already, covertly, knew that all of the funds had been secretly “hard-wired” for campaign financiers. Those government representatives must now take responsibility for the fraud that they engaged in, against the applicants, while, covertly, planning to stone-wall, and black-list, non-crony applicants.

There is no possible question, any more, about whether, or not these crimes were committed. The evidence, now, overwhelming, proves it; without a shadow of a doubt. All of us are willing to go before a Special Prosecutor, in front of Congress, on live TV, and prove it all over again, for the benefit of the voters. Voters: Please ask your Senator “When we may do that?”


Our alliance has proven that it is fully capable of destroying political careers, political candidates, political campaigns, filing epic lawsuits, exposing the intimate details of the corrupt and their crimes, and tearing the BAD GUYS a “new one”. If the BAD GUYS were paying attention, they know we have already done those things multiple times to their little Cartel. Those of them who are still left, in government positions, can continue to be smug pr*cks and watch their pensions, parties and credibility dissolve or they can do the right thing, the moral thing, the fair thing and the thing that over 300 million voters thought the “American Dream” and the “Justice System” was supposed to be!

The BAD GUYS need to reimburse us for the damages they caused by their fraud and malicious attacks on the applicants!

They need to do that. They need to do it now…or plan on watching everybody’s 2016 election dreams turn into a legal and media-circus nightmare.

We have proven that we can decimate the corrupt, without breaking a single law, and with the help of the cops, the news and the public. Want to see more? Then those crooks should keep being stone-walling, unethical weasels.

Want to get this fixed? Then get the Press Secretary to give us a call and come to the table. Let’s have a fair solution!

“We guarantee to LEGALLY track, hunt and terminate the careers and crime-conduits of every single person who did these crimes, or stone-walled the prosecution for these crimes, all without breaking a single law, and with the help of the police, the press and the voters.

We will hunt them, on a permanent basis, until legal justice is rendered and we are compensated for our damages. Our families will hunt them. Our staff will hunt them. Our suppliers will hunt them. Our private investigators will hunt them. The press will hunt them. The law enforcement experts will hunt them. The voters will hunt them; and we will never, ever, stop until justice is legally achieved.”

What do you need to do?

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  • Now end this kind of corruption:


Here is a letter that was sent to one of the “bad guys” by one of the members.

Guess who it was addressed to?:


Dear XXX

Without breaking a single law, we are going to help law enforcement, and the public, wipe you off the face of the Earth, figuratively speaking. We will use the law, the voters and the media to crush your corrupt little empire.


Because you, personally, tried to have us wiped out, using a variety of your dirty little tricks.

You made one big mistake, though.

You broke the law, over and over, in your mad greed-driven rush for power and self-aggrandizement.

We are even going to tell you, in advance, how we are doing it; because there is nothing on the planet you can do to stop it, now.

All of us, as individuals and companies, set out to help our country. You set out to help yourself at the expense of our country.

We have been working alongside criminal investigation groups ranging from the FBI, to the GAO, to the SEC, to the Congress and media groups ranging from 60 Minutes, to CNN, to FOX, to Reddit, to Voat to Drudge and getting the word out to hundreds of millions of voters. None of those folks like your brand of organized crime and corruption.

You have about a hundred dirty scoundrels helping you; we have about a hundred million passionate folks helping us, and they can vote. I think we win on the numbers.

You break the law, engage in bribery and use criminality as your mantra. We use the law, ethics and morality as ours. I think we win on the karma.

All of the evidence proves, over and over and over, that you are a crook. No credible evidence shows our intent to be anything but ethical, law-abiding justice.

The world-class investigators, forensics specialists, journalists, community service volunteers and public experts can, now, easily see the inside of all of your secret family trusts, kick-back scheme beneficiaries, covert PAC’s, off-shore tax evasion sites, off-shore bank accounts, stocks, Flash Boy pumps, expenses frauds, sex-workers and more. There is no possible place to hide any more.

This is not wishful thinking. We have already been very successful at it for a few years. Quite a number of your buddies, with very famous names, had to suddenly leave their jobs, lately. We take credit for many of those. We will not tolerate one more little bit of the corrupt abuse of our public funds, or public policy and our lives.

Get ready. It’s going to be a bumpy ride to the bottom, for you.


The Cleantech Alliance Group


We don’t hack, we don’t break the law, we don’t do evil.


Everybody now knows that the NSA, The FBI, other agencies and the Chinese hackers have all of the bad guys emails, voice-mails, files and other items in their files.

It is fully legal for us to subpoena and acquire those items, and we intend to, within the law.

It is fully legal for us to use anything we find posted online, in our legal prosecution, and we intend to.

Previous Delivered Public Service Programs By Alliance Team:

  • The first Democracy Apps for mobile devices, including the very first P2P Mesh emergency communications software
  • The indictment support for the take-downs of multiple corrupt politicians
  • News and Information broadcasting technologies that have reached millions
  • Disaster relief information, communications and on-the-ground recovery resources
  • Refugee support technologies for power, water, energy and communications
  • 200,000+ person live outdoor congregation programs
  • Low-cost, high-efficiency media distribution technologies
  • Low-cost, high-efficiency network technologies
  • Collaborative book publishing of over fifteen 150+ page public interest books
  • Digital project management technologies for large format public participation programs
  • 2016 ethics over-watch public information systems
  • And more…

  • 95% of U.S. Politicians engage in bribery. They stop certain people, companies, or groups from accessing government resources if those parties do not pay them. They get paid through: “Revolving Doors” which give them kick-back jobs, after they leave office, with those who bribed them; sports and event tickets; club memberships; internet search engine manipulation services; cars and plane tickets; prostitutes; stock market warrants; covert family trust fund investments; off-shore tax shelters; reverse merger shell companies; Flash Boy stock spoofing services for their payola stock; press release distribution services; magazine covers; socialite event tickets; interns; using taxpayer funds for personal campaigns without getting investigated; and other crimes.

  • Government agencies, who you thought were supposed to investigate and prosecute crimes, have had their authority to investigate and prosecute crimes removed, in order to prevent politicians from getting investigated and prosecuted for crimes. In most political crimes, the only person allowed to prosecute those crimes is the Attorney General, who works for the very politicians you want prosecuted.