A Letter To Elon Musk

Dear Pudgey Sex Freak:

You don’t fully appreciate the fact that you, and your crony scumbag buddies, can never defeat us.

Let me help you with your appreciation skills.

The only reason you are after us is because your side got caught doing crimes. Criminals get zero breaks, generally, in the regular world, and in our world, they get Total Justice and Payback!

When you come for us, you open the gates of hell. You then get to see what we, in turn, bring back to you.

Just remember: Everything you send our way, we send back to you, multiplied by at least ten times and sprayed across all of your associates, family members and local news outlets.

These days, every citizen has the same research database resources as the FBI, CIA, NSA, CART, FINCEN, INTERPOL and KGB, combined. It is easy for any public researcher to use: A.) ICOJ.ORG’s Panama Papers, Swiss Leaks and CPA databases; B.) The Axciom database; C.) The PACER database; D.) The XKEYSCORE derivative database; E.) Kroll database; F.) Stratfor Database; G.) TransUnion’s TLOxp database, and Accurint (from LexisNexis), Clear (Thompson Reuters), Delvepoint. DataTrac, IntelliCorp, BeenVerfied, Intelius, Pipl and Spoke.. etc. which are easily cross referenced to show which public figures did which crimes with which sociopath Silicon Valley oligarchs. The old adage of “follow-the-money”, has never been easier and the money has now been followed by the FBI, DOJ, SEC, FCC, FTC, FEC and many other law enforcement and regulatory entities.

You could have asked around and found out who you were dealing with but you were too dumb and reactive to even do that. Our helpers are: pissed off ex-NAVY Seals; 60 Minutes investigation researchers; disgruntled ex-CIA operatives; millions of citizen sleuth true crime enthusiasts with notebook computers and plenty of time on their hands; senior aides at Congressional offices that love to dig deep into ‘crimes-against-the-people’; local news directors looking for the next hot news story; currently working senior FBI agents; and a host of others.

You, like others, may try to have us killed. If we die, you and your family die. Easy peasy. There are many others who owe us postmortem favors and/or who will get a percentage of our inheritance if they finish the mission. Think twice before calling your mobster buddies for a ‘hit-job’. Even after we are dead, the internet and the forensic hobbyists will go on and on FOREVER and they will never stop coming for you! Lincoln got shot in 1865 and millions of internet enthusiasts are STILL dissecting the crime.

Are you scared yet? Feel free to show this letter to the FBI, CIA, NSA, CART, FINCEN, SEC, FTC, EU, Interpol, NSA, DOJ, IRS, …and every 3 letter agency you want to. We are filing criminal referrals against YOU AND YOUR SCUMBAG BUDDIES with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE agencies…thus, they have already seen this letter. When we say ‘criminal referrals’, we do not mean we are just sending them a note saying they should ‘look into you’. We are sending them a 300+ page investigation dossier on the felony-grade illicit and criminal actions that you and your insiders are up to. Do you think you should call ‘the news’ and say that we are saying you did ‘bad things’. If you want a good news sound bite, then meet us in front of Congress for a live televised debate about who did what crimes. We are ready…are you?

In your case, we are amping up the team by sourcing everybody else in the world that hates you. The past court filings against you and your buddies were a good start and every social media posting against your scumbag buddies expanded the pool. The divorce records and credit reports yielded more grist for the mill and it goes on from there…just imagine…

My team will be filing lawsuits in the courts. It does not matter if our side ‘wins’ any of the lawsuits. It matters that evidence against you will come to the attention of every law enforcement, regulatory and news entity on Earth as that evidence will be placed on-the-record in the federal courts for any person to look up, forever.

We are already conducting investigations on you and your crony insiders using technology that is as advanced, or more advanced, than that of the CIA or FBI. You will NEVER keep the cover-up going for as long as you think! Your BS shell corporations, fake trust funds, covert real estate holdings and pretend ‘charities’ and going to crumble like old taco shells.

You CHOSE to fuck with US.

Now YOU get the fruit of your labors you sick, little, pale, sociopath, white-privilege, sex-deviant, narcissist scumbag!