Do Crazy Rich Guys Really Contract Attacks on Competitors?

Do Crazy Rich Guys Really Contract Attacks on Competitors?

By Darlene Woodward and the WIKI readers

Every single day.

Watch the TV show called: “Silicon Valley”. Read the news about socio-paths and misogynists in high tech.

Who do you think is keeping all of the thousands of Troll Farms and Click Farms in business?

You betcha they do bad things like that.

There is a very small bunch of men who really can’t stand to be out-done.

They know, and have experienced, putting hundreds of millions of dollars, from the automotive and high-tech industries, in their personal bank accounts.

They have bought many private jets, $100,000.00+ cars, special lady friends, mansions, $1000.00 dinners, parties, and politicians. They are not inclined to give those things up. They are addicted to the wealth and power. They are playing in a world where they are focused on making, and controlling TRILLIONS of dollars of cash. It is like heroin to them.

If none of that sounds like your world; if that sounds surreal, then you are in luck. You are probably “normal”. These guys live in the world of Solyndra, Madoff, and the big, buck bucks.

The few, the bad, and the rich will sabotage, bribe, hire honey-trap girlfriends to spy on you, put their staff in your company to try to wreck it, bribe politicians, pay to get laws changed against you, hack you, poach your staff, buy tabloids to character assassinate you and just, generally, be really bad guys.

Sound bad? It is!


You are in luck. There are some work-arounds.

  • You can do everything back to them, that they did to you, as long as you don’t break the law.
  • Because they are bad guys, they almost always have broken the law, many times over. Have them arrested. There are over 90 agencies who investigate and prosecute big bad guys. Report their crimes to every one of them. YOU, can even citizens arrest them if you follow the correct documentation process.
  • Sue them. In the new Age of Transparency, if you just wait long enough, all of the evidence will come out, about them, so you can win a case. If they nailed you, they nailed others, so the evidence will mount.
  • Tell the people, who don’t yet realize that they are crooks, about them.
  • Help their competitors.
  • Keep bugging the cops, the Congress, the agencies and the journalists to make sure they do their jobs and out the rats. If you pay taxes and buy media, then they work for you, and that is their job.
  • Persevere. Bad rich guys expect to get what they want, when they want it. They are used to “now”. Wait them out and then take them out. Time is on your side.
  • The voters really hate elitist rich manipulators who abuse the public at the expense of the public. If you are getting beaten up in the U.S.A., you have about 300 million taxpaying voters who are on your side. Make some of your own laws, support some ground-breaking candidates. Shake it up.
  • Never, ever, ever give up.


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