Internet providers are throttling you in order to limit your access to political information

Internet providers are throttling you in order to limit your access to political information


The internet, on your phone or tablet, goes way faster, and delivers more news, and media, than you are being allowed to see. The device in your hand already goes ten times faster and holds 100 times more news and media than your mobile ISP lets you have.

In other words, the devices you paid your hard earned money for, are being choked off, on purpose, by T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Comcast and other corporate political campaign financiers, in order to prevent you from having information that they don’t want you to see.

The whole “Net Neutrality” controversy is a fake, manufactured, made-up controversy which is actually about which political party gets to tell you how to think.

The Republicans mostly own the cable companies and the Democrats mostly own the internet companies. Net Neutrality is just about Comcast/GOP VS. Google/DNC campaign ideology extremists.

Imagine that you go to one of those amazing all-you-can-eat buffets in Las Vegas. You pay your $30 bucks and you wait in line and gaze out over the endless buffet stations of desserts, steaks, sushi, hand-carved roast beef, artisan salads, and more food than you ever dreamed of. You load up your plate with all of your favorite gastronomic wonders, sit down to enjoy it but just after you take your first bite, two huge men grab your throat, from behind you, and choke you as hard as they can.

The men are large. They wear dark ray ban sunglasses and black suits. One is named Comcast and the other is named Google. As much as you try to eat, the harder they choke you.

Net Neutrality and your wireless access: same thing!

They don’t care if you see the lovely pictures of the buffet, and get excited about paying your $30 bucks, but they will be damned if they are going to actually let you get a taste of that whole buffet of information.

Your phone is more powerful than the entire computer system that powered Apollo 11 to the moon. Don’t buy the hype that your device “can’t handle any more data”.

So your rights are being choked, throttled, limited, deprived and filtered, on purpose, to prevent you from getting information that one political party, or another, does not want you to see.

In recent years, print media has been wiped out by the internet. Cord-cutting cable exits are rising dramatically. New news outlets, with lower over-heads, are appearing weekly. Information and news is going through the biggest change in history, and the old fogies’ that used to control it, are in shock and fear of the new future.

What can you do to protect your rights and your freedom?


1. Don’t vote for anyone who does not guarantee that they will aggressively fight for a free, open, un-throttled internet.

2. Help get internet throttling politicians recalled and stop buying products from their corporate campaign backers.

3. Buy your internet from independent community-positive internet providers. Research “Open Internet Programs.”

4. Share your internet with other users in peer-to-peer, and local node collaborative networking community systems

5. Demand that your City Hall offer a free un-throttled internet option in your city.

6. Support free media outlets like, Alternet, and any new ones that arise.

7. Flood your elected officials with written demands for free, open, un-throttled internet.

8. Support, and crowd-fund, entrepreneurs who offer new start-ups that don’t need the old rigged systems. 9. Flood AT&T,T-Mobile, Sprint, Comcast and the rest with demands to un-throttle. Boycott those who don’t. Boycott the advertisers of those who throttle!

10. Flood the blogs with this story, or related stories and inform your peers.    

11. Hundreds of thousands of engineering students, at colleges, know how to make their own internet. Help them do it.

12. Look online and join some of the free, open, internet groups.      


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